Quattro Clinic is a newly established dental clinic, where dentist Anja Christiansen Jørgensen and dental hygienist Mette Due Jessen, as well as our newly employed dentist Line Husted Kristensen, attend to various types of dental treatment.


We have the newest and most modern equipment, helping making the treatment easier and totally painless for you.


You have the opportunity to listen to music and watch television during long treatments.

We are a team, who emphasise greatly on your needs, making sure that you receive a professional and correct diagnosis.


The clinic is for everyone. This means that we take the time needed for each and every one of our patients. One of our main goals is that you have a positive experience and that you feel safe and well looked after during the whole treatment.


Anja has 18 years of experience as an independent dentist and Mette has 10 years’ experience as a dental hygienist from a private dental clinic.


We give our patients the option to have the dental treatment done under full anaesthetic.

Please contact us for an appointment for a dental inspection or read more on this page about our special offers and treatments.

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